My Comedy Magic Cabaret Show is 20-25 minutes in length; This show features full participation throughout including the use of four assistants. The show features effects suitable for an adult audience. For example one effect features the pick pocketing of an assistants watch unknown to them only to be reproduced at a later stage, another a comedy card prediction and another a guillotine effect.

All in all I can tailor make a show to suit those present, if you would like to give me some names of colleagues that you would like me to use in the show, payback time perhaps, I am happy to work in with you.



Another option is what is known as close up magic. This is a more intimate style of performance suited to a cocktail drink type setting. I would work the room moving from group to group as people mingle, performing magic direct in the hands of those gathered. The tricks in this style of performance use cards, coins, paper money sponge balls and other everyday objects.



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As a full time performer and guarantee a professional show that will augment your other plans in making your event a magical one to remember.

 If you require any further information please feel free to contact me.